• Freedom is the raw material of our ideas
  • We take every project as a new journey
  • We hate traffic. We explore different trails
  • No GPS. Every path is a possibility

VAN is a Digital Marketing agency with its headlights on social media.

We believe that quality content matters and that there is differentiating value in deeply understanding a given community. After all, a brand only deserves its place inside a network if it proves itself able to relevantly attend to its customers' needs.

We do not hitchhike with someone we don't know. We carefully plan our trips, departing from a solid knowledge structure about our clients' clients, in addition to incrementing the effectiveness of our social media strategies through the use of advanced analytical tools. We research and adapt the most recent developments in the field of social sciences to brands' needs and environment.

On four wheels and always prepared to deal with what the next turn may bring us, constant adaptation and research are ever-present in our minds. The exact road on which we travel demands from us the ability to daily question the paths we take, to draw new maps and explore different trails.

At VAN, we believe in non-stopping brands, and we drive towards freedom. Freedom to create and reinvent, freedom to question ourselves, adapt and do things in different ways. We take our projects as journeys, and find new trails to achieve our client’s goals.



Social Media - Research
Since 2015, VAN works with the Portuguese Catholic University in Social Media research, in the context of the university's Management Masters. Nowadays, VAN welcomes the university's students whose dissertations focus on social media, integrating them in its research activities.